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The Marriage of East and West in St. Anthony’s Parish

Let’s experience a special romance in this lovely multicultural vicinity where you’ll see beautiful urban space with charming Portuguese and Chinese buildings and their enchanting stories.


Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St. Paul's refer to the facade of what was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640, destroyed by fire in 1835, and the ruins of St. Paul's College, which stood...

Section of the Old City Walls

This surviving segment of the city's defence structures, built as early as 1569, is a remnant of an early Portuguese tradition of constructing defensive walls around their port...

Na Tcha Temple

Built in 1888, this temple is dedicated to the worship of Na Tcha. This small traditional Chinese temple stands close to the remains of the principal Jesuit enterprise of the region...

The Na Tcha Exhibition Room

Temporarily closed
The time-honoured Na Tcha Customs and Beliefs of Macao, having been passed down from generation to generation, were inscribed on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List...

Travessa da Paixão

This small little lane looks no different from many other lanes found in Macao but its specialty lies in its name, Travessa da Paixão. The Portuguese word...

Macau Ho’s Clan Association

The Hall was built by Macau Ho’s Clan Association with the objective of uniting people of its clan for mutual benefit. The construction can be traced back to 1955, when local...

Pátio da Eterna Felicidade

Located within the buffer zone of the Historic Centre of Macao and adjacent to the Ruins of St. Paul’s and St. Anthony’s Church, the place is rich in historical and cultural...

St. Anthony's Church

Temporarily closed
First built of bamboo and wood before 1560, this is one of the oldest churches in Macao, also marking the site where the Jesuits set up their earliest headquarters in the city. The church...

Camões Garden

In the 18th century this hilly, heavily wooded garden formed part of the grounds of the house which was occupied by the Chairman of the British East India Company, known as Casa Garden...

Casa Garden

This house was built in 1770 and was originally the residence of a wealthy Portuguese merchant, Manuel Pereira. At a later period it was rented out to the East India Company. Nowadays...

Protestant Cemetery

This site provides an insight into Macao's diverse community profile. Located close to the Casa Garden, the Protestant Cemetery provides a comprehensive record of the earliest...

Tou Tei Temple in Sam Pa Mun

Tou Tei, the God of Earth in ancient myths, is a popular deity in Macao. The Temple has almost three hundreds years of history. The inscriptions of the Temple indicate the year of establishment...

Pao Kong Temple and Temple of Divinity of Medicine

Pao Kong Temple and Temple of Divinity of Medicine were built respectively in the 15 th year (1889) and 19 th year (1893) of the reign of Emperor Guangxu, when mass disease outbreak hit...

Statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (in Hospital Kiang Wu)

When revolutionary pioneer Dr. Sun Yat-sen was young, he came to Kiang Wu Hospital and became the first Chinese Western medical practitioner in Macao. Together with other foremost...

Fire Services Museum

Temporarily closed
The Fire Services Museum Building was built in 1920 in European style, with more than 700 exhibits in two halls occupying an area of 350 square meters. In the main hall there are Chinese...

Lin Kai Temple

(Stream of Mourning Temple) Dating from the 17th century, this temple occupies a square off Estrada do Repouso in the Patane district, where a regular flea market is held. The temple...

San Kio Garden

Adjacent to San Kio playground, the Garden was also named after where it is situated – San Kio. The Garden, together with the playground, was originally an extensive square...

Rotunda de Carlos da Maia

Better known as Three Lamps District in honour of the globe lamps that give the roundabout its romantic sparkle at night, it was named after the 105 th Macao governor José Carlos...

General Ye Ting's Former Residence

Temporarily closed
The late General Ye Ting, a prominent military leader and one of the pioneers for the Chinese People's Liberation Army, had spent seven years living in Macao. In commemoration of his...